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Free Creative Resume Templates, Based on period of time in the market and scope of labor, some wind techs can earn as much as$150,000 in a single year!Entry-level positions can start $15 - $21 hourly. The cheapest beginning rate I have seen is $15 hourly, and it appears as though $17- $18 may be the average entry-level beginning rate. Greater pay might be provided to individuals entry-level techs with relevant education or experience.

Free Creative Resume Templates, Working over-time isn't surprising, because the wind never stops blowing and also, since time is money, techs need to fix the turbines rapidly. The good thing is, working over-time is usually compensated over time-and-a-half, making this where techs could make the large dollars. Working over-time is among the best feelings, understanding that cash is just moving in.

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