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Best Resume Templates When it comes to salary, phlebotomy technicians can earn a good salary compared to any specialist who works in heath care industry. Normally thenormal earnings of phlebotomist differs from $21,356 to $25,779. Nonetheless, asreported by the U. S. Bls, phlebotomists can make money from $18,720 to $25,168,having a median earnings of $21,944.

Though certification isn't a majordependence on employment for phlebotomy technicians, but assistance them ingrowing their earning. Nowadays, there are many national organizations, such asthe National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Sciences (NAACS), offer certifyingexaminations. Aside from this, the salary levels can also be affected based uponthe work-related setting (hospitals, bloodstream banks, and laboratories),experience and condition/section of residence.

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