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Creative Director Resume Samples The majority of interior decorators get their very first decorating experience working on their very own homes. Even if you have just 1 small room to experiment with, you will get "hands-on" experience with a number of decorating techniques. For example , you may make a dramatic change to almost any room, quickly and cheaply, simply by rearranging the furnishings or painting the walls a fresh color. Give it a try! Experiment with methods you wouldn't ordinarily utilize. Consider this room your "research lab" where you can try items out before recommending these to a client.

Some occasions your loved ones or friends may want to decorate are when they experiencing changes in life, such as: marriage as well as co-habitation (help them combine two households into one), Creative Director Resume Samples moving into a new home, giving birth (offer to decorate the infant's room), hosting a special function such as a wedding or social gathering, starting a home business (you could decorate their completely new office), and selling a house (explain how a well embellished home can attract buyers).

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